Orangutech is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in Collaboration and Content and a member of the Strategic Named Partner Program (SNPRP) with Microsoft in Dynamics CRM. We are dedicated and focused on providing quality Microsoft centric Professional Services to our clients across Canada.

Founded in 2003 by four friends and colleagues, Orangutech has been developing and re-designing websites utilizing Microsoft technologies for the past 10 years. We continue to provide advice from a strategic standpoint as well as the business, technical, and system implementation portions of a websites adoption including the development and delivery of best practices training.

Our Name Our Story

"Let me tell you about the Orangutan.."  -  Barry Doucette, CEO

The Orangutan is widely considered one of the most intelligent primates, their ability to solve complex problems, use a variety of sophisticated tools, and construct elaborate sleeping nests has been well documented and studied.

Over the years the four original founders threw out numerous names for their new potential company.  Orangutech was initally proposed and quickly dismissed with a laugh, however, as the weeks went by the partners quickly realized that they each kept on returning to that name.  Orangutech.  No other name had the staying power or ability to draw someone in as "Orangutech".  Drawing on the symbolism of the Orangutan and their expertise in Technology, Orangutech was born.

Through-out the history of Orangutech, the name has garnered critical aclaim and provided us with a great jumping off point for conversations about who we are, and what we do.  As an organization we are immensly proud of our history and relation with the Orangutan and continue to solve complex problems using a variety of Information Technology tools every day!

Meet Our Leadership Team

Barry Doucette

Chief Executive Officer

Above all else, Barry believes in creating a winning culture that gets results for the people that matter most – our client and employees.

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    As CEO, he focuses on providing strategic direction for Orangutech's growing services and championing our mission to provide great client service.

    Driven by a passion for corporate stakeholder success that is fortified by substantial experience in executive and senior level positions covering a broad industry spectrum. Barry brings a diverse and deep experience in sales, marketing, business development, customer relationship management and operations.

Daniel Sanscartier

Chief Technology Officer

An expert in SharePoint, Daniel has delivering Microsoft solutions for over 20 years, in both Public and Private Sector environments.

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    As Chief Technology Officer Daniel is responsible for both guiding and training Orangutech’s technical team on the many different software products and tools available to them. In addition, Daniel is also an Evangelist on the implementation of GCDOCS and SharePoint within the Federal Government of Canada.

    Daniel has earned a reputation for successfully deploying ECM applications with unique alternatives designed to meet client objectives and remain within project scope. His approach to implementing and supporting Microsoft Solutions, along with his passion for delivering the best possible solution makes him an integral part of the Orangutech team.

Brett Ryan

VP Business Development

Ensuring that the products and services we are providing our customers is the right one. If we can't help, maybe we know someone who can!

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    As VP Business Development, Brett is more than just the face of Orangutech. When he isn't out meeting with our customers and ensuring they are happy with their new system, Brett can be found on the golf course, working on his perfect swing.

    Brett’s brings more than ten years of experience applying technology solutions to public and private sector business challenges. His communication skills enable him to establish strong customer relationships and map business needs to technology solutions that work for clients.

Lachlan Henderson

Director Human Resources

Making sure your projects have the right people with the right skill set. A company is built on people - make sure you have the right ones.

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    As Director of Human Resources, Lachlan is responsible for ensuring the right people available to our clients when they are needed.  He spends his time meeting with consultants, responding to RFPs, and ensuring each of our employees is taken care of.

    Lachlan brings with him over five years of dedicated Recruiting and Human Resources experience working in the competitive, federal government landscape of Ottawa. His commitment to both the client and individual resource needs set him apart and ensure the best possible success in your projects.

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