SharePoint Training Registration and Management System

Organizational training and career development is an integral part of any successful company’s business strategy.  Training and development provides both the company as a whole and the individual employees with benefits that make the cost and time needed a worthwhile investment. Implementing a successful training program will help address weaknesses, improve employee performance, improve consistency, and increase employee satisfaction.

But a complex training program can be hard to manage and administer. Not every company has the resources, time, or skillset to buy and implement a turnkey learning management system for their organization.

Orangutech has developed a simple-to-use Training Registration and Management System that sits inside your organizations existing SharePoint intranet – no need for expensive third-party add-ons or custom development.  

Let’s take a brief look at how the system can improve your day-to-day training needs.

Housed inside your organization’s existing SharePoint intranet, your employees will be able to visit their new Training Registration and Management Portal with ease. From the calendar overview, users are able to view and select from any currently provided training course available to them, as well as filter based on their preference or job description.

Once a user has selected a training program that interests them, they can quickly and clearly see important course information; including remaining seats, registration deadlines, as well as course availability. They will also be able to submit a request for approval to be enrolled in their selected training program which will generate an email notifying their training manager of the request.

Training managers will be able to approval or decline an employee’s request to be enrolled in their selected training program, this will then notify the employee via email whether their request has been approved or denied. This process allows for greater oversight and management ensuring an employee is taking the proper training for his or her role.

This turnkey SharePoint add-on by Orangutech provides both your employees and management with a powerful yet simple to use Training Registration and Management System that monitors your employee’s career development. For more information, or to request a demonstration, be sure to contact us.