The Top 10 Benefits of Nintex Workflow and Forms

A big driver of SharePoint use across Canada has been its ability to store documents and automate business processes. However, the out-of-the-box workflow and forms solutions present in SharePoint will only get you so far. SharePoint workflows cater to wide variety of users, however they often lack the depth many organizations need for their business processes, and although SharePoint offers out-of-the-box workflows, it often requires custom development in order to meet your organization’s needs.

For a more robust and flexible system, Nintex offers two different SharePoint or Office 365 add-ons that make automating your business processes simple and intuitive.  Nintex Workflow is designed to allow anyone to build comprehensive workflows in a drag-and-drop, code-free, browser-based workflow designer, providing you with an immediate boost to your organization’s productivity.

Nintex Forms is designed with the same ease-of-use in mind. A powerful forms designer that allows you to build and customize forms in a code-free environment. Seamlessly integrate your new forms with your new workflows to build an end-to-end business automation solution for your organization.

So what are the top 10 benefits to adopting Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms?

Nintex Workflow

  1. Code-free, drag-and-drop workflow designer
  2. Built on SharePoint, integrated SharePoint features (Ribbon Interface, Business Connectivity Services, Reusable Site, List, and Content Type workflows, and Document sets)
  3. Exclusive LazyApproval system
  4. Reusable templates and modules
  5. Real-time status updates and workflow tracking
  6. Extensive integration capabilities (Office 365, Exchange, Lync, Dynamics CRM, Active Directory, etc.)
  7. Export workflows to Visual Studios
  8. Scheduled and timed workflows for repeated processes
  9. Rich workflow notifications using email, instant messenger, and SMS
  10. Document versioning can be maintained during workflow processes

Nintex Forms

  1. Code-free, drag-and-drop forms designer
  2. Accessible anywhere at any time (via mobile devices, and to external users outside your firewall)
  3. Interact with business process both online and offline
  4. Allow anonymous form submissions
  5. Authenticate using digital signatures
  6. Publish forms to SharePoint or Office 365
  7. Ability to include geolocation data
  8. Integrate with Nintex Workflow to trigger workflow processes
  9. Custom images and CSS branding
  10. Dynamic mandatory or optional form fields

Whether it’s for small or mid-sized businesses, everyone can take advantage of automating their business processes to increase productivity. Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms can help you do that without the need for custom development. As a Premier Partner, Orangutech is proud to work closely with Nintex in offering free trials of their products to organizations looking to automate their business processes.