Can SharePoint to GCDOCS be successful?

The short answer is yes!

Orangutech is currently the only company that has successfully integrated SharePoint to GCDOCS within a Federal Government of Canada Department – let’s take a look at a small proof-of-concept implementation that evaluates the AGA Connector’s integration of SharePoint with GCDOCS.

This proof-of-concept will be divided into two streams:

  • Stream A: Building a team site using AGA web parts and AGA site templates
  • Stream B: Building a de-coupled SharePoint Team Site that connects to a centralized AGA Transformation Site that, in turn, transfers SharePoint documents to GCDOCS according to specific IM rules

Stream A

For this portion of the proof-of-concept, Orangutech’s SharePoint experts determined that a 3-phased approach would be necessary. From a collection of AGA web parts defining a Team Site to a full-fledged AGA Site Template designed to create SharePoint sites pre-integrated with GCDOCS, This strategy here is to push transitory SharePoint documents as soon as possible to GCDOCS. GCDOCS is expected to hold all IRBV (Information Resources of Business Value) documents, be it transitory documents or records.

Stream B

For the second portion of this proof-of-concept, Orangutech’s SharePoint experts focused on the transitory documents being stored, managed and collaborated upon in SharePoint Team Sites, while Records are stored, managed and disposed of in GCDOCS. The de-coupling of the SharePoint Team Sites and the AGA Transformation Site / GCDOCS integration is critical in guaranteeing that SharePoint functionality is not lost while ensuring that existing SharePoint Team Sites do not require a complete remodelling in order to interact with GCDOCS.

The main advantage of this de-coupled architecture is that existing Team Sites do not need to be redesigned to support the AGA connector. Any request for a new SharePoint Project site can also be provisioned faster since it is not required for the AGA connectivity. Using the de-coupled architecture, your Team Sites do not require any AGA Content Type Mappings or GCDOCS IM policies to be implemented and tested for the new site to be delivered.

In fact, the whole GCDOCS integration in SharePoint becomes somewhat transparent to the end-user. Orangutech believes that the more transparent the integration is, the more successful it will be, as we have found with any SharePoint project we have delivered.

Daniel Sanscartier, CTO
Orangutech Inc

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in learning more about how to successfully integrate SharePoint and GCDOCS.


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