A company is only as strong as the team that works there, and the clients they serve.

Our Team

Orangutech was founded on teamwork, passion, and a vision over 10 years ago. We feel that these three pillars are key to any successful business. We continue to uphold that commitment each and every day.

Visit our dedicated Team page to read more about our history, team, and work environment.

Our Clients

For over 10 years, Orangutech has had the privilage of working with some of the best clients possible from across Canada. We will continue to provide quality Microsoft based Professional Services moving forward.

Visit our dedicated Clients page to read about some of the solutions we have delivered over the last 10 years.

Our Partners

We work tirelessly to find and partner with the very best companies from around the world. Ensuring that our clients have access to tools and software that not only saves them money, but increases their productivity.

Visit our dedicated Partner page, to learn about our different software partners.